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Leadership Transformation

Embracing Inspiring Change in an AI-Driven World

As the combat cloud is actualized as an operating paradigm, the Joint Force will process immense amounts of data and information rapidly. Data and information will be not only the most coveted tools for achieving mission success but the greatest weapons in themselves. Information management and force connectivity will become key mission priorities underpinning the ability of the Joint Force to quickly and seamlessly transition between low intensity, permissive conflicts to high intensity, contested, multi-domain operations. Within this future operating paradigm, the embedded application of AI across the planning and operations cycles will be vital for allowing the Joint Force to operate inside the observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) loop of adversarial decision-making, maneuvers and effects.

The dynamics of command and control and the mission command will be fundamentally altered as planning and operations processes are evolved with increasing levels of automation and the accelerating absorption of autonomous systems into force structures. Communications between the ranks will become more fluid and more rapid but also less frequent as the Joint Force becomes a self-synchronizing system-of-systems – man, machine, manned, unmanned, autonomous, sensors and effects – operating across the operational domains. This new way of warfare will need transformational leaders to embrace and inspire change in an AI-driven world where decision-making is delegated to the lowest levels possible. New ways and means of working and operating will be needed to cultivate warfighters that can think, fight and win across height, breadth and depth of future battlespaces.

Schedule at-a-Glance

09:30 - 10:45

Leadership in the information age

  • Addressing the Developmental Challenges: Preparing Airmen for a High Technology Operational Environment
  • The Changing Character of Warfare: Preparing Future Leaders for an Information and Data-Centric World
  • Developing Information Leaders: Embracing Change in an AI-Driven World

11:10 - 12:40

Development - Education, Equipment, and Training

  • Next-Generation C2 Professionals: Planning, Executing, and Assessing Using Simulation and Adaptive Learning
  • Optimizing the Decision-Making Process: Leveraging Emerging Capabilities to Overcome the C2 Challenges
  • Analyzing the Manpower Requirements: Manned-Unmanned Teaming and Its Implications on Future Force Planning
  • Balancing Time and Resources: Incorporating AI to Better Automate the Fighting Force

13:05 - 14:35

Manpower - Recruiting And Retaining Talent

  • Redefining Civil-Military Partnerships: The Private Sector Role in Unleashing Innovation, Talent, and Skills in Air Power
  • Addressing the Future Threat: Cultivating the New Cadre of Specialists Required in Fifth-Generation Air Power
  • The Impact of Space and AI on Future Military Requirements

Speakers at the 10th diacc

The Global Stage for Air Power Leaders


Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

Chief of Staff
United States Air Force


Lieutenant General
J.D. (Dennis) Luyt

Royal Netherlands Air Force


Major General Staff Pilot Ibrahim N. Al Alawi

UAE Air Force & Air Defence

In nec finibus nulla

Lieutenant General
Al Meinzinger

Royal Canadian Air Force


Air Marshal
Gerry Mayhew CBE

Deputy Commander
Royal Air Force


Lieutenant General
Gregory Guillot

Ninth Air Force, United States


Stéphane Mille

Chief of Staff
French Air and Space Force


Lieutenant General
Ingo Gerhartz

Chief of Staff
German Air Force

The Air Power Blog

Insights on technology and concepts. Moving the discussion forward.

June 2, 2023

Optical Communication is Viable While optimum solutions are not currently available to fully resolve challenges with the scaled use of optical communication (OC) technology in military communication.

June 2, 2023

Tapping into ‘In Reach’ Capacity Expanded utilization of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will allow the Air Force to optimize operational performance, force survivability, and reduce cost per desired effect if effective manned-unmanned teaming (MUMT) can be achieved.

June 2, 2023

Software factories will be pivotal to the operational performance of the Air Force in the over-the-horizon future. DevSecOps offers a new potential to increase agility, shorten release timelines, improve reliability, and lower costs for building secure software applications.

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