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Tapping into ‘In Reach’ Capacity Expanded utilization of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will allow the Air Force to optimize operational performance, force survivability, and reduce cost per desired effect if effective manned-unmanned teaming (MUMT) can be achieved.
Software factories will be pivotal to the operational performance of the Air Force in the over-the-horizon future. DevSecOps offers a new potential to increase agility, shorten release timelines, improve reliability, and lower costs for building secure software applications.
The Air Force will be reliant on expanded use of the space domain in the years ahead. Consequently, the future space power architecture must effectively enable three fundamental use cases for the Air Force.
The utility of unmanned systems has increased dramatically from the limited supplementary value offered once upon a time to Air Operations Centers (AOCs) and air commanders.
Characterized by a proliferation of technologies that alter the military balance of power, the over-the-horizon security environment will be disruptive and translate into a highly cluttered and congested operational environment for the Air Force.